Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wednesday, January 31-Tea Bag Dale's Shanty Ride

Achtung all you Cretins,

This week's Wednesday Night adventure won't involve any overnights, (not by design, anyway) however we will be riding to Medicine Lake to check out the Art Shanty's on the Lake, including the infamous TeaBagDale's Karaoke Shanty. The ride will try to leave earlier than usual again, and for those who wish, meet at CRC by 7:30. If you can't leave that early, see the route below. It's pretty simple and the ride is a short 10.5 miles. Here's the lowdown from Paul Linden:

This will be the route that I'll follow on Wed night, Its so damn easy that coming from anywhere (bandshell, etc.) can be easily adapted.

I'll be meeting @ and leaving from CRC HQ @ 7:30, to get out there and get the shanty warm and the beers cold.

Mike runs the Karaoke Shanty and he'll be staying over that night, so there is less of a need to rush anything. I've got a new stove out there and I'm thinking about having some warm chili goin'.

The Dope Route:

-CRC to 33rd and West to Calhoun.
-North around the lake, under the bridge, headed toward Cedar Lk.
-West side of Cedar Lk. to Cedar Lake Parkway
-Cross 394 Theo Wirth Pkwy down the hill to Glenwood
-LEFT on Glenwood, follow for about 4.5 miles to 55 (you'll cross Hwy 100 right in the middle of this section)
-STRAIGHT across 55, stay on Glenwood, follow to Rhode Island.
-RIGHT on Rhode Island, immediate LEFT on Golden Valley Rd.
-RIGHT on Winnetka Ave, go about 1/2 mile
-LEFT on Plymouth Rd, about 1 mile, go under 169.
-Immediate RIGHT on what looks like an off-ramp/frontage road.
-follow it 3 blocks North to 17th, take a LEFT, you'll see the shanties.

I don't think that this is any more than 10.5 miles from CRC... about 5.5 from Wirth.

Think of it as Stupor Bowl training. Can you dig it? I knew that you could...


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