Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Confusion is Real

Sometimes I feel like the whole point of existence is to suffer. Suffer on the bike, suffer thru relationships, suffer the pain of watching loved ones die. It's all suffering.

I am suffering.


Anonymous said...

we love you hurl!

Gonzo Forever said...

"Life Is Pain": That's what a good friend told me once, or was it my drug dealer, I can't really remember.

I'm really sorry about what's going on with your Mom. You've gone through a lot lately and I just wanted to let you know that you've been in my thoughts. You've always been a good friend, and I've certainly appreciated it lately as I've been suffering though my own transition.

My best goes out to your entire family. Drop me a line when you are back in the city.


blipzandstripz said...

Keep on keeping on. It's all a person can do.

Best wishes.

HW said...

I'm sitting here in SoCal watching cancer turn my dad (and OG cycling coach) into a frail old man who needs morphine to get a good nights sleep. But who doesn't? Good times ahead...

I'm with ya brother. The BFF will clear your head!

Thrasher in Californiastan
(that's another entry entirely)

dRjON said...

thts with you from us too...hugs to you, dRjOn