Friday, June 16, 2006

The Stockholm Projekt

Well shitfire, just maxed out the credit card and now, will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden for the SSWC '06, on, uh, "ass-signment" for a certain megazeen. Haven't been to a SSWC since Downieville 2002, and haven't been across the pond for one since Ol' Blighty in 2001. That means I've missed Australia, Germany, and State College. A lot has changed since the glory days of 1999-2000 when Mark Salmon, Kenny, Ballbreaker & Crue brought shame and fear, and a bunch of ragged one speeders upon Fullerton, CA. The Mpls. Mafia took 'er over for 2000 and herded 300+ single speeders thru back-alley fires and Theodore Wirth –this before "Morc" and MPRB-approved singletrack. Singlespeeding has continued to grow, no question, and some would argue that the whole "ultra-cool/dirtbag singlespeeder" thing has "jumped the shark." I think I agree with them. But I'm still going to Stockholm...

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