Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Death Of Dirt Rock: From Brauer Power

Dear Throngs:

Screw 2012, the world is actually ending on December 6th, 2009, right here in Minneapolis. The standard bearers of all things Dirt Rock, 4130, will be performing their last show. After nine years of rock, turmoil, legions of adoring fans, and a few beers, the band is bidding farewell to DerBeast, our fair-haired guitar player. He's moving on to a higher calling out in Utah. We've pleaded with him to stay, but the Oracle has spoken, and you frankly just can't mess with that.

Fittingly, we will be playing with God Came From Space, who will deliver Bailey to the next world as the rest of us, mere sinning mortals, will be cast into the fiery chaos of Armageddon as soon as the last power chords have rung.

Please join us at this solemn ceremony on December 6th at the 501 Club in Downtown Minneapolis. Because of the holy nature of this event, it will be held on a Sunday. For those of you who are under the false impression that you will be working on Monday morning and not descending to the deepest pits of hell, we have arranged an early set time. Live music will occur between 8:00 and 10:00pm, followed by a record spinning session where we can all share our favorite Bailey stories before facing the rising wall of fire encroaching on us from the East.

No cover charge. Bring your drinking shoes. Bailey will be signing autographs for a nominal fee.

Dirt Rock is dead! Long live Dirt Rock!

God Came From Space


501 Club

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