Monday, August 17, 2009

Border Battle-Geno Update


photo skinnyski

Well as you can see here, Gene O was slicin' and dicin' at the WORS Border Battle. This shot was before he apparently cased a tree and wound up in the Horsepistol with a broken scapula, cracked rib, and punctured lung. Nice work, GFP, get well soon.

Kelly Mac increased her season record to 3-0 by winning the Sport Single Speed Female class. Such a stud.

Me? I blew up on the second lap but recovered enough to barge thru 4 laps to finish solidly mid-pack in the Comp Single Speed Open class. 3 weeks til the 5-0


mark said...

way to go Kelly!

Snakebite said...

Gnarly indeed.

Bladry said...

Get well soon G.O....... Uh, Yo... That should have a dressing on it...