Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slick 50 is this Saturday, 15-March

Yes, yes, y'all. It's that time again. The Slick 50 is this Saturday, 15 March.

• Meet at the Triple Rock at 10:00 am, (if you want breakfast). The ride will leave as early as 11:30, but NO LATER THAN 12 NOON. Go back and read that again. We'd like to leave by 11:30 if at all possible.
• This is an all-day sucker, expect roughly 4-5 hours of fun(k). It is not a race, but It is not a cruiser ride, it is not a stop-every-10-blocks-for-a-beer-and-a-smoke ride. It is a ride. Tell whomever you'd like, but make sure they understand this, and are able to deal with it. No snivelin', dammit, Boomhauer!
• You will get muddy, (bring a fender-seriously.) Pack any and all provisions you think you might need, including extra clothes, food, drink, vagisil (zito), etc.
• We will stop at some point on the trail for a beer or two, so pack some in your satchel, dig?
• Any bike is welcome; Cross-bikes or fixed/road with decent tire clearance are probably your best choice. Singlespeed mountain bikes, unless geared for (dirt)road~ish conditions, are probably not. But, hey, run what ya' brung.

• The point, like all good Spring Class-sicks, is to suffer!

here is a good set of photos from last year's ride:


andrew said...

ya don't scare me... i will most likely will be busy, saturday is big chore day...but 50 miles don't scare me, 100 miles makes me notice and prepare.

Lunatic Biker said...

50 blocks scare me these days.

TOMMY GUN said...

then you best get preparin'...

Lunatic Biker said...

I'll borrow the Meister.