Saturday, December 22, 2007

Glaedelig Jul-"just get on with it."

That means "happy Jul," and, as Copenhagen's Cycle Blog will tell you, Jul is the "the name of the original winter solstice festival that had existed for centuries before the Catholic church moved Jesus' birthday to Decemeber in order to trump the celebrations of other cultures and faiths." Word to Herb. This quote, from an interview in Momentum Magazine just about kills it:

What can North Americans learn about everyday city biking from looking at your blogs?

Mikael: “If you build it, they will come... And they don’t have to dress funny in stinky lycra when they arrive.”

Aaron: "In many countries cycling is a “movement” with environmental overtones. But if people just got on their bikes and rode, instead of being “activists,” the bike culture will grow much quicker. In Copenhagen and other European cities, it’s just a way of life. We just get on with it. No bells and whistles, just transport."

I can dig it.

This morning I had the dubious pleasure of driving the O.L. all of 1/2 a mile to the LRT station in her Volvo sedan. A slushy snow had been falling for about an hour, and with the Volvo's abnormally slick front tires, it was like roller skating on butter. Total fucking nutter. We barely made it up the slight Glenwood incline, and I put it into the snowbank, turning left on the way home. Parked that POS in the garage immediately, and jumped on the Fixed-Check for the easy ride to work. 2" of slush-puppy snow, on top of yesterday's mid-30° day, and people are driving like they're going for pole position at Talledega. Get a bigger truck, dude. For fuck's sake. Happy Solstice....


andrew said...

are we going to do the 12 days of solstice? i don't work until january second i only get to go on a bender until... let's say new years eve, aka non-professional drinker's night out night

Anonymous said...

isnt my truck big enough

A Midnight Rider said...

Happy Solstace.

Rachel Tension said...

Best post in a long time.

So then, who isn't dead?

Let's see...

Bella Lugosi. He's dead.
Vincent Price. He's dead.
Ernest Borgnine. Now there's a guy I'd like to meet. But he's dead.
Hurl? The heart of rock-n-roll is still beating.

andrew said...

should a scene the post on bloodclot