Monday, October 15, 2007

Orange Crushed

Hurl and Orange Crush
Originally uploaded by nanobiker
photo: Mark Emery

The orange cross bike made it's debut yeserday at Boom Island. I raced the C race. It's 30 minutes long. I screwed up the start; the holeshot was there for the taking, but I could not get my left pedal clipped in for the life of me. The first turn was an off-camber left hand bottleneck and if you weren't there first you could pretty much count on coming to standstill. Finally got going into the singletrack and B-Rad went around me. I got on his wheel and punked him on the turn leading into the run-up, then caught and passed Sascha (who did get the holeshot). With one or two laps remaining, Nick Bohrer roared past me before the slight downhill turn, leading into the double barriers. Coming thru the pit I stomped the pedals and reeled Nick back in before the last barrier, but right there I knew I was blown and Nick rode away and Sascha, too. I swear, if there was a 20 minute class, I'd be on it! Next week: Mark Rahn Invitational Powderhorn Park CX 50 Yards of Hell $1 Primes...

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zekesbiken said...

I am bringing my cross bike and kit for the race Sunday... but after HFF I think I will be better off being part of the 50 Yards of Hell than doing the race and puking on the course