Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3-speed in full effect

Hurl's on film
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Nick von Sande of Swerve Brewery put together a hella-sick 7.7.7 ride–the Thirsty Sevens. A whole gang of cyclers showed up at the Longfellow Grill where a circus tent and an all-you-can eat breakfast prepared us for the day ahead. My bike of choice? Why the trusty mid-60's Raleigh Sports, natch.

A St. Paul-heavy itinerary had us roll across the Lake St. Bridge, rippin' some STP alleys along the river to our first stop at Hidden Falls for some cold one(s). After some regrouping and the first of many punctures, we moved on down the road & trail to the Flat Earth Brewery. The beers were all delicious, I was partial to the "Angry Planet," a nice, hoppy beer for the 90°+ day.

Moving on, we rolled into downtown to the Great Waters Brewing Co. took over the patio and ate burgers, nachos, pasta, french fries and more. Drank beer, too. The Holy Hand Grenade slaked my thirst w/aplomb. A perfunctory stop at the old Schmidt Brewery was observed with a moment of silence for the 'dead brewery.' Such shame... Next stop, the Happy Gnome. More patio action, more beer, and Trevor the Bicycle Terrorist got the boot for lighting "incendiary devices inside the patio. Bravo, lad. Onward now, to the fantastic Irish Pub, the Dubliner. Not a brewery, to be sure, but my the Guinness was cold! A nice push down the U of M Transitway found us at our final destination, The Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis. More patio hi-jinx, and yes, you guessed it, more beer. Most absconded into the dark night from here, while a few of us rounded off the day with another round at Grumpy's downtown, before rolling to First Avenue to watch the spectacle of purple-clad faithful try to get tickets to sold-out Prince show. Trevor tried many times to slide into the show, but was unable to get past the gauntlet. A big hearty thanks to Nick and to all my fellow riders!

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A Midnight Rider said...

Trevor sounds like a hoot, as does this ride. Nothing like a few cold ones to keep the cadence unsteady.