Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the Fuck is going on at Brownie Lake?

It appears that what was once a hidden singletrack urban gem, has recently been destroyed by the Mpls. Park Board. (note: this is not the western side of Brownie, with the quasi-legal singletrack, still under negotiation with the city via M.O.R.C. and M.O.C.A.) I'm still awaiting feedback from a local M.O.R.C. member who has contacts with the MPRB, but from these photos, it essentially looks as though they are preparing to pave. It's the classic, "Pavement=Progress" bullshit, I imagine. The buckthorn argument may come into play, but that's some serious clear-cutting, folks. Much like the classic saying, being unable to "see the forest for the trees," now you can no longer see the trees because they've bulldozed the forest. Another inside source tells me that Superintendent Jon Gurban has a "vision" to make the area similar to a Lake Harriet, or Lake Calhoun, i.e. paved and accessible. If that is true, and I hope like hell it isn't, then we've lost another slice of what makes this area so great. We need to keep our urban forests "wild."

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