Sunday, February 25, 2007

And Then The Cops Came...SBCIHFIR&SDFCHC Recap

No, Dennis Dragon wasn't there, but a good handful of bike nuts showed up at Brownie Lake Saturday afternoon for the 66th Annual Snowball's Chance In Hell Formula Ice Race and Snowy Dash for Cold, Hard Cash.

Up for grabs was exactly $20.07, frozen in a puck of tupperware-shaped ice. Roughly 20 hardy souls toe'd the line, ripping straight across Brownie up onto terra firma, riding a short piece of trail and then dropping a left-hander back onto the ice back across to the finish line. There were plenty of attacks, and dive-bomb maneuvers in the two corners, but Aaron Von Satanstein proved most valiant and crossed the finish line first on his Pugsley.

The brutal figure-8 track brought competitors to their knees...

Hott racin' action on Brownie Lake...

Plenty o'Pugs were on hand.

Ultimately, a roly-poly MPD officer trundled down to the lake and reminded those present that "you know you can't have alcohol on park property, and you also know that you cannot have open fires..." He was basically cool and exhorted us to put the shovels to the fire, and to poor out our beer. The event was already winding down at this point, so a "Pizza Luce" rallying call was made and the group disbanded into the oncoming maelstrom of snow and ice. Extra points to The Lunatic for standing tall until the end.