Saturday, December 30, 2006

4130 is bigger than Jesus...

Sammy inspects Trevor's "SafeSex" saddle.

4130 played the 7th Street Entry Thursday night, opening for a couple of Jesus Rock bands. Well, at least "Christian" rock bands. Or so I was told. 4130 took the stage around 9:45pm and after a great set, over half the crowd left. It was pure comedy, and 4130 sounded their best yet, with Brauer Power standing in on bass for a vacationing Josh Yablon.

after that it was off the Nomad, and the Cripple Rock. At bar-time, we picked up Zitox and hit the Target Hobo Camp, drank a sixer of PBR tallboys, then finished it off with a trip to White Castle on Lake. Got home to bed at 5:18 am. Good times!

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