Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dakota 5-0 redux

dakota 5-0 photos, originally uploaded by Cars-R-Coffins

Shit's over with. If you missed it, take solace in the fact that I couldn't ride the fucker, either, due to my crushed ankle. It was a glorious day, however, in the Black Hills. Perry Jewett and crüe did a stellar job once again. It was pure agony having to watch 185 yahoos line up for the 7:20 a.m. start, then climb the 3-mile road section before entering the 7-mile Tinton trail singletrack, all the while shooting photos from the back of Perry's quad-cycle. Quite unbearable, really, so I retreated to the comfort of organic herb brownies and began the day of self-medication, vicodin, whiskey, beer, and what else do you got? Nothing? good. get out of the way. Everyone seemed to have a good time, (except the people who got lost. All I've got to say is "heads up." This is a MOUNTAIN bike race. Not a ski-hill crit.) No one exhibited signs of the magnificent cramping I suffered last year.

Fitzy & Brauer shake on a steak...

The Steak Dinner Challenge was still in e-f-f-e-c-t. Brauer led early on, but Fitzy passed him at the second aid station and never looked back.

Zito wore a dress... Simon & Emily (*world class drinkers) showed up, en route to their last Maah Daah Hey trip of the year.

Thanks to Perry Jewett and his family for letting us erect Tent City in their front yard, once again.

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