Thursday, March 23, 2006

Too many bikes? Never! (n+1)

Big Wheels keep on turnin'...

Made a list of all the bikes I currently have, either in rideable or near-rideable form. I'd post some pics, but camera obscura is having issues on the download front. Here's a list:

Orange Bridgestone XO-1
Orange Jamis Cross
1993 Bridgestone RB-2
'78 Schwinn Mag Scrambler: BMX ACTION!
2001 New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Electra Croozer
Raleigh Super Course 531 Fixie
20" Kids Cruiser, RollFast style
58cm Schwinn Traveler 4130 Fixie
58cm KHS Flite 800 road bike
58cm Surly Cross-Check
20" Kona Unit Singlespeed
19" Kona Unit 2-9 Singlespeed
59cm Surly Steamroller Prototype
20" Soulcraft Plowboy Singlespeed. All-time favorite bike. Ever.
59cm Bridgestone RB-1
Xtracycle SUB/MB-3 bike truck. This thing hauls!
1954 Schwinn World
1993 RB-2 frame
21.5" Bianchi B.u.S.S. Singlespeed
Schwinn CollegiatEvil Knevil Fixie
Diamond Back Assault 24" BMX Cruiser
NOS Auburn 24" Cruiser F/F
1994 Giant ATX 780 Singlespeed


3p0 said...

what's up 23 bikes?

thad said...

thats lots-a-bikes. three of which i have as well- same size and everything. does that make us twins from a previous/future life?

head floor sweeper said...

it actually makes you thad, a bigger dork than me.

hurl, i think that's the same amount as we have for sale in the box i call a shop.