Thursday, February 23, 2006

(Mu)sick to my stomach...Why I hate the radio

Kirk Rundstrom is the guitar player in Split Lip Rayfield , (and several other rollicking goodtime bands). He's a great guitarist and great guy. If you've seen SLR you know. Well Kirk is in the fight of his life as he was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I wish you the very best, Mr. Rundstrom. If you're a fan go check out Grain and Demise to see how you can help.

Rolling up on 3 weeks open at the CRC Coffee Bar. (And we finally, officially, have wireless for all the laptop totin' son-of-a-guns.) The last week was grueling, mostly because I had to listen to all of the DJ's on the Current beg, plead, and cajole for money during their fundraising drive. Now I grant you that the Current does play some good music. They do play an occasional SLR song. But it's the same song everytime, (How Many Biscuits?) And all of the self-congratulatory back slapping between the overrated Mary Lucia and pretentious Mark Wheat is enough to make anyone reach for the dial. If you're so goddamn good at what you do, then let the music do the talking. Seriously. Going on and on how "when you see an 89.3 "The Current" bumper sticker on that car at the grocery store, you'll think, 'hey, this is a place where I'll see people I'll have something in common with' blather was making me sick. You guys aren't that good. I just recently discovered, thank goodness, (I had quit listening to Radio K because of Mark Wheat) that Radio K has an FM signal (106.5), albeit limited from sunrise to 8:30 am, and returning from 4:30pm to later. And you can never go wrong with 90.3 KFAI Fresh Air Radio. But how come none of these stations play ZEKE? Ever? OK, rant over.

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