Monday, February 06, 2006

An anonymous Stupor Bowl comment

"i commute to work on a bicycle, and was out for a rare, car drive on saturday night (to meet family for a dinner) when several bicyclists came weaving in and out of busy, northbound hennepin avenue traffic.

please send along my thanks to them for setting back the cause of local bikers/cyclists.

i hope they had a fun, stupid bowl."

I just love it when people leave anonymous comments. I guess that's the beauty of the internet; no accountability. But come on, dude. If you're a "bicycle commuter" then you obviously know that what you perceived as a bunch of lawless cyclists "setting back the cause of local bikers/cyclists" during one event, is similar to what we cyclists deal with EVERY DAY when arrogant bastard drivers cut us off, honk and yell, and generally make riding on city streets an exercise in raw survival. I didn't ride in this year's Stupor Bowl, but I won't apologize for any of the Stupor Bowl riders, because ultimately, it is up to each of us individually to make our own decisions as to how we behave in traffic. And yes, the actions of just one rogue rider can leave a negative impression on some motorists, but just the same, your moral superiority comes off as smug judgement. Bottom line? Keep the rubber side down, and try to be safe out there.


pm said...

Right on dude! I counted one day...5 almost accidents (1 was my fault, ran a stop sign), but the other 4... well anyway it sucks sometimes!

schultzenhork said...

what an anonywuss bastard, i'm thinking this guy cried over the whole thing. next thing you know he'll tell you not to eat bacon fat.

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