Thursday, March 24, 2005


DANGER!, originally uploaded by tommy gun.

These voicemails from Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien are awesome, just not as awesome as ZEKE! These Seattle speedballers are the best at what they do. And what they do is play high octane rock and roll. Zeke bassist Diamond Jeff Matz has some guns and lays it down on the beat. Blind Marky played some electrified blooze hollers with his signature high-speed tempo and barkmarket delivery. Donny Paycheck got a haircut and looks trim. He dwarfs his kit and wailed hard, but handed out fewer middle finger salutes than is the norm; I shook his hand after the show. Nu-guitarist Chris Johnson (Camarosmith) looks a lot like Eddy Glass of Nebula. Let there be no doubt: ZEKE ROOLZ. Go out and buy all of their records. Yes, all of them.

The last time I saw Corrosion of Conformity was in this very room, on tour with Soundgarden. Well I'm pleased to tell you that even some 12 years after, C.O.C. still votes with a bullet. Last night I was thankful for the corner spot at the lower bar, stage right, as the liquid morphine "cough syrup" that the former European Road Pro laid on me had me cresting a wave. A wave augmented by Jim Beam, Budweiser, PBR, Sierra Nevada, and a glass of Patron. I think that while bands like Nebula, Fu Manchu, etc. are often labeled "stoner rock," C.O.C. is "stoner metal." Good job, Pep.

Motorhead is too tough to die, and Lemmie was looking fit, too, in his hip-huggers; (I think he dyes his hair.) We lasted for about 6 songs, including "Metropolis" and "Stay Clean." I threw up while riding past the Target Center, and Parkin had to spend the night on the couch at One On One with a burlap sack for a blanket. In other words, business as usual.

When you take it to the limit,
the limit takes its toll.
just gimme my Fixed gear
gimme rock-n-roll!


Our Trinitone Blast said...

You gotta watch it with the codeine cough syrup, I once was so blasted on a combination of codeine and ditchweed once that I thought an Edie Brickell cd was the greatest musical experience on earth. That shit fucks up your judgement baaaaad.

Anonymous said...
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