Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stupor Bowl-Saturday, February 5

Cambodian pothole, originally uploaded by tommy gun.

Wouldn't miss it for the world, and I'm talkin' bout the 8th Annual STUPOR BOWL, presented by the Minneapolis Bike Messenger Association. A fine lot, those lads (and laddettes). There are 30 stops this year, and the winner will be determined by some voodoo points system. Super Rookie told me that you can't win unless you hit the Dubliner, in St. Paul. That's a first, a STP stop. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with some forecasted rain/snow mixture.

Saw an interesting film the other night called "How to Draw a Bunny," about the life of collage artist Ray Johnson, a very interesting individual involved in the NYC art scene of the mid-50's up until his mysterious death in 1995. I don't know much about the art world; it all seems rather tempestuous and arrogant at times, but wouldn't it be nice to go back to a much simpler time when you could rent a studio in New York City for $31 a month?

This week's ongoing project is the build of the new 29" Karate Monkey in Electric Root Beer. Still not certain of the hub choice; disc-brakes on a single speed? It just doesn't make sense. On the front wheel, yeah, why not. But in the rear it's too much hokus-pokus, and even though I've already bought the spokes to lace up the slick White Industries hubs, I'm still having second thoughts. I don't know for sure, but I am speculating that this bike is going to shatter my expectations, and that I may never ride a 26"er single speed again. Ok, maybe that's a bit over-amplified, but I KNOW that I am going to dig this new bike. Fruita may never be the same.

FYI: if you were wanting one of the CRC Chrome Messenger bags, you're out of luck. They have all sold, with the exception of one which is a prize for the above-mentioned Stupor Bowl. Stay tuned, as the next run of bags is rumoured to include Orange.

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Anonymous said...

i commute to work on a bicycle, and was out for a rare, car drive on saturday night (to meet family for a dinner) when several bicyclists came weaving in and out of busy, northbound hennepin avenue traffic.

please send along my thanks to them for setting back the cause of local bikers/cyclists.

i hope they had a fun, stupid bowl.